Saturday, January 26, 2013

Fundraising Concert

We are excited to announce that a special concert is being organized to raise funds for  AAA projects in South Africa, Zambia and Malawi

  • A classical repertoire, including Bach, Beethoven, Schubert and Mendelssohn will be performed by exceptional young musicians in this gala charity recital.
  • Stirring performances on piano, strings, woodwinds and voice relay the passion of these students. The lineup includes the 2012 Symphony Splash Young Soloist -17 year old violinist, Eejoon Kwon.
  • Angels and refreshments will be for sale before the concert and at intermission.
  • A silent auction will also be featured
  • Tickets will be for sale at Ivy Books, Long and McQuade and at the door.
  • Please come join these supremely talented students as they share their music and find innovative ways to bring joy to the world!

Sun. February 24th, 2013 11:00am - 1:00pm
Cost - Adults $10; Sudents $5

Location Philip T Young Recital Hall. MacLaurin Building, University of Victoria


Valentines Day Sale

The U Vic Group is hosting a sale at the University as follows:

Location :  Clearihue Building Main Lobby
Time Tuesday February 12th. From 10AM -3 pm
Items for sale include African Aids Angels, Valentine treats and bookmarks.

Come and buy a meaningful gift for that special someone


Sunday, January 06, 2013

AAA Transition

African AIDS Angels will be going through a period of transition with the departure of Carol Sherwood. We are trying a new approach, with responsibilities divided among various volunteers, so that not too much is falling on one person’s shoulders. We ask for your patience during the transition period. The following people are undertaking various tasks:
  • Marcia Thompson will be the overall and volunteer co-ordinator. She can be reached at but will be away until Feb. 3. She will be assisted in this by Laura How at, tel. 778-440-1460.
  • Brian Price is the treasurer, and will also look after the blog, web site, graphics, calendar, etc. His email is and phone no. 250-721-3763.
  • Barb McKrow will be shops co-ordinator and liaison with out-of-town groups.. She has also been instrumental with the annual Holy Cross sale and Oak Bay HS event. Her email is
  • Sandra Dennis is co-chair of the board and with Nathan How will do outreach to schools and youth. Her email is and phone 250-381-0921.
  • Gail Blais, a volunteer for several years, will be monitoring the and will forward messages to the appropriate people.
  • Pierre Dil handles the annual Videa sale and is the connection with the Makeni project in Zambia. His email is
  • Vic Parsons will continue to hand out angel-making supplies and receive completed angels. He is the contact with Volunteer Victoria and the South Africa projects, and the board chair. If there are questions, you can email him at or phone 250-472-6499.

Carol Sherwood

Carol Sherwood left her role as coordinator of African AIDS Angels in December, after several years in which she performed a wide range of duties on behalf of the society.

We are very grateful for Carol’s dedication and thoroughness . Some of her roles were as treasurer; overall coordinator;  organizing the Open Houses and other events; producing brochures and other materials; ensuring quality control and many other activities.

Thank you, Carol for all your hard work and devotion to the people who benefit from AAA’s fund-raising. We wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

Please see seperate blog post advising who will be taking on Carols' duties

Seeds for Malawi

We have received the following message from the Malawi project

"We distributed the aid for the farm input and nutritional beneficiaries..the beneficiaries were all happy for the aid and wished us to send our regards to you.  
They really appreciate your help.Many have already planted maize and other crops,we all just wish and pray that rains are good this year. 
Finally we all want to send our new years regards to you, we wish you all a prosperous year in 2013. 
stay blessed

Delirah "