Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Malawi News

Funds to Malawi

African Angels in Malawi have presented their budget for 2007/2008.

We are pleased to be able to provide all of the items. We forwarded $16,000 to cover:

A. School fees,uniforms, books and kerosene for 45 orphanned students.

Why kerosene? The students will use it to light their lamps to study by. Many do not have electricity in their homes.

B. Farm inputs (seeds and fertilizer) for 80 families.

C. Agricultural training in market gardening for 30 boys and girls who have finished high school and are willing to try market gardening as a business.

D. Hospice nutrition support for 20 individuals. This includes funds for those who feel healthy enough to raise chickens for income.

Seeds For Malawi our sister group on Saltspring have joined with us in a closer partnership. They will fund the majority of the African Angels Malawi budget and channel their funds through AAA Victoria.

The Walls Go Up

St. Francis Orphanage

After a long wait the walls of the girls dormitory at St. Francis Orphanage, Makeni, have begun to go up. This building was funded by a generous supporter of African Aids Angels in Victoria.

Click on the website, go to Zambia, click on the child’s photo and it will go to photos of the construction at the orphanage.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Women of Malawi

Florence Moyo

What happened?

What happened to the women we have been supporting in Mzuzu Malawi? Last year, Rob Shaw of the Times Colonist interviewed many of these women who have been hard hit by Aids. His reporting had a great impact on readers all over Vancouver Island. Teddy Phiri, our African Angels contact in Malawi has just sent us an update on their situation.

Alice Lungu is one of a group of four women who are now on anti-retorviral drugs. This year, all four of these women are healthy because of the government supplied drugs and the food support provided by Aids Angels. They are all debt free and have begun small market businesses, selling baked scones, tomatoes and other vegetables, and charcoal.

Mrs. Amensty Longwe one of a six member widows’ support group, also interviewed by Rob, is now well enough to have found a support staff job at a local motel. She has plans to augment her income by sewing or vegetable selling at the local market.

Florence Moyo, with farm input funds from Aids Angels, has been able to grow enough maize to support herself and her three children.

As a result of African Aids Angels support, all of the women who were interviewed last year are alive, healthy and many engaged in small businesses. Their lives are not easy but they are there for their children and their communities. We are proud to be part of their support system and grateful to Teddy and Delirah, Vincent and Gilda whose hard work as volunteers make it possible for us to provide some relief in their community.