Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Where to send donations

If you have funds to submit, please write a cheque or postal order to African AIDS Angels, and mail it
c/o 1855 Neil Street
Victoria BC V8R 3C6.

If you have questions, please send an email to

Thanks and Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Oak Bay Student Fundraiser

For the third consecutive year, students at Oak Bay High School have raised funds for African Aids Angels. This year the school's Leadership group raised more than $2100 for our African projects. Thanks are due to teachers Corrina Simpson and Mark Schippers, and to student co-ordinator Mary Erlick, for their efforts on AAA's behalf. Also, to our own Barb McKrow who has been instrumental in bringing our project to the forefront at the high school. Finally, credit must also be given to Sara Johnston, who spoke to the students about her experience working as a volunteer for three months at Thembalethu orphanage in South Africa.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Angel-making Groups Outside Victoria

There are hard-working and enthusiastic groups of angel makers in a variety of locations. They make a major contribution to the funds we send to southern Africa each year. This blog entry brings news from some of the groups. [If you click on photos, they will enlarge.]

Roberts Creek, BC

Roberts Creek is on the Sunshine Coast near Sechelt. Miki works with a group there, and coordinates with friends making angels in Vancouver. Many of their angels are sewn rather than glued, and they ask for $12 donations for those. Sometimes they add a folded red ribbon as an AIDS reminder. They also supply angels to the Seymour Art Gallery in Vancouver.

"We had an "inspiration" workshop with the Roberts Creek group and the Vancouver people recently. We shared ideas, new patterns, lots of encouragement and 240 angel forms to dress up and sell....and a delicious potluck lunch.

Some makers from Vancouver will be working on more cone form angels but we will continue with our angels here. I really appreciate the pictures on the website....really very attractive and we've picked up on ideas.

Someone didn't like our original stands so my husband constructed stair shelves which I covered with pale fabric. The loops on top of the angels' heads are hooked onto individual hooks to stabilize them on the narrow shelves. Each of the 35 angels are clearly displayed and we can see at a glance where we have to 'refill.' (This picture is in the Angels Gallery referred to above.)

Leona (Vancouver) has a supply of angels magnets which we give to people who are very generous or buy several angels. The magnets are business-card size with the logo of African Aids Angels, which she ran off on the copy machine and cut out and glued onto the magnets. We also have them on a magnetic stand and people can put any amount of donation in a container in exchange for a magnet."

Parksville/Qualicum Kairos

A small group in Parksville/Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island is coordinated by Julianna. Kairos is an ecumenical church movement promoting social justice. They sent some photos of a recent sale and one of their work parties. The total of funds raised by this group is truly outstanding.

If you click on a photo, it will enlarge.

Venice California

Sandra first saw AIDS Angels in Victoria and took the idea back to Venice California. The group's angels are available in a local shop. Recently Sandra sent this photo and explanation.

"These are students enrolled in an introductory class for occupational therapy at Santa Monica College. The instructor, my friend and colleague, had the students make angels to learn about activity analysis and therapy. The students loved the project, made some great angels for us, and some decided to donate money to the project as well.
We're busy creating stock for the holiday sales. Everyone loves the angels."

Short Notes from Elsewhere

Lenore in Chemainus says that the angels continue to go very well and they can barely keep up.

Doreen in Duncan has taken responsibility for keeping Wishes supplied. It's an New Age store and the angels have been flying out the door.

Carol in Campbell River says her daughter is at university in Squamish this year with a box of angel-making supplies. She and a friend made them in high school last year and will continue. Carol adds "They're both very 'crafty' so I know their angels will be beautifully made.

At the weekend I went to hear Romeo Dallaire speak in Courtenay. He spoke of the absolute importance of Non-Government Aid Agencies in troubled areas and it certainly made me think of the African AIDS Angels project and the difference we are making in the world."

Congratulations and Happy New Year to all of the angel-making groups and individuals.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Angels in Shops

If your friends and co-workers have missed out on getting angels at local craft fairs, don't forget there are generous shops which carry a small rack of angels all year-round. The list is always available on our website.

Thanks go to the volunteers who have made these contacts and keep the stores supplied.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Saltspring Seeds for Malawi Newsletter

Here is the current addition of Seeds for Malawi's newsletter.

Click on newsletter to enlarge,

Letter from the Outreach program

We received a letter from Sister Evarista in South Africa. She is in charge of the Outreach program at Assisi. (She is also the cousin of Nobel Peace Prize winner Albert Luthuli). African AIDS Angels donated $2000 to their community Outreach program in 2007, in addition to funds for the Thembalethu orphanage. She refers to people that our volunteers Vic and Lorraine met when they worked with Sister Evarista last summer.

"Thank you very much for the donation ($2000). We buy food parcels with your money and feed our orphans and sick people...some of those you know have died. Mr. Shibe Petry (the one with a stroke whom we helped get a pension and wheelchair) died in October. His sister is again coming for food because she was dependent upon his pension...the situation in Africa is not good. Food is very expensive. When we buy food parcels it is never enough for these sick people and so many orphans. Thank you very much for your help. May God bless you all and your people there."

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Congratulations to Angel Volunteers

Dickens Fair , Dec.
A great day that raised over $600. This is a real neighbourhood event.

Hillside Mall, Nov. 21-23
Three days of dedicated effort by a large team of volunteers raised over $2860.

Videa Fair Trade Fare, Nov. 22

This year's Fair Trade Fare was energized by music and dancing right next to the African Aids Angels display where our volunteers raised $870.

Open House Success
, Nov. 15

On a beautiful sunny Saturday Our Open House event raised over $5800.

Thanks to all the volunteers and to the Pike family who graciously hosted us.

Commonwealth Pool Craft Fair, Nov.15-16

We also raised $580 at the Commonwealth Pool craft fair this weekend. Thanks to Gail who shared her craft table.

Check below for our next craft fairs.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Where to Find Angels

Angel Craft Fairs

Volunteers in place: Thanks to everyone who signed up.

Nov. 15 Angel Open House 11 am – 4 pm,
971 Madison Ave.

Nov. 15, 16 Commonwealth Pool Craft Fair

Nov. 21, 22, 23 Hillside Mall Fair

Nov. 22, 10 am - 4 pm, Videa Fair Trade Fair,
Metropolitan United Church, 932 Balmoral, off Quadra

Dec. 6 Dickens Fair 10 til 4, James Bay Community School,
140 Oswego

Dec. 6/7 St. Joseph the Worker Parish, after services

Dec. 7 St. Aidan's, after service

Dec. 14 Holy Cross Parish. after services

Friday, October 24, 2008

Saltspring Seeds for Malawi Newsletter

What's happening with Seeds for Malawi?

This group passes its funds on to African AIDS Angels for Malawi agricultural projects. Check out the October newsletter from Saltspring Island.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Malawi Report

Malawi News

Delirah Phiri has just sent a report of last years progress.

Here are some highlights:

45 orphans were supported with school and uniform fees and kerosene for light to study by.

28 youth have been trained in market gardening skills:
“Some people have established their gardens next to our trainees to have access to equipment and the advice of the extension workers. Some ...trainees are taking vegetable gardens as their main source of generating income.”

80 family fragments (mostly AIDS widows and seniors) have been supplied with enough seed and fertilizer to feed themselves for a year.

20 HIV positive persons on ARV’s (antiretorvirals keep the AIDS virus at bay) are supported with food items and farming inputs. No one in the program has died. It is important for people on ARV’s to have enough food. “This intervention is prolonging people’s lives and as a result it reduces the number of orphaned children.”

In total 173 people are supported directly by African Aids Angels at the cost of $108 per person in 2007/08. Each of these in turn supports other individuals in a variety of ways.

The volunteers in Malawi took 50 trips last year delivering food, fertilizer, school fees, and visiting the people who are receiving assistance to monitor their progress. When Stan Shannon, our volunteer from Pender Island, visited Malawi this spring he said he could see there was a very strong personal relationship between the African Angels volunteers in Malawi and the people they serve.

The biggest challenge for next year is the rising cost of fertilizer and gas world wide.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Seeds for Malawi

Support food sustainability and education in Africa while indulging your passion for plants.

"Salt Spring Island Seeds for Malawi", a project of the Garden Club, raises funds year-round for the African AIDS Angels project in Malawi by selling quality, interesting plants well-potted in a sterile commercial mix. Volunteers propagate shrubs, vines, perennials, grasses, native plants, and bulbs. Request a list of our extensive inventory by contacting Plants can be purchased at any time of the year by appointment. Plant sales occur from time to time at public events.

** Seeds for Malawi will have a display table with great plants at the Fulford Hall, headquarters of the SSI Apple Festival this coming Sunday, Sept. 28, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. For information on the Applefest,

** Seeds for Malawi Fall Plant Sale Saturday Oct. 18, 1:00 p.m. at the Farmers' Institute, 349 Rainbow Rd., Salt Spring Island. This is a combined sale with the SSI Garden Club. To avoid disappointment, arrive by opening time...the sale is usually winding down after about an hour. "

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Agricultural Training

AAA has supported many orphans through to the end of high school. However, when they graduate there are very few jobs. In 2007 and 2008 AAA funded training in Market Gardening. The funds provide tools, seed and fertilizer for one year’s crop. Also AAA pays the local Agricultural Extension officer to teach the courses for young people to start up small agricultural businesses. (There is no government funding available for such an initiative.) Thirty youths have trained each year.This year the ratio of girls to boys is about 50/50. Several students from last year's program have become independent farmers.

Teddy Phiri’s note from Malawi:

”Our intervention for the youths in agricultural production is a miracle.
As you are aware we trained them and gave them materials
individually. These are scattered homesteads. So far each beneficiary is doing
extremely well. It is so pleasing that girls are even doing better than
boys. What is also pleasing is that the assistance went to one individual
on the homestead but the reality is the whole homestead has access to the
watering can and the sprayer thus the whole homestead was encouraged to grow

Check the website for new photos including the youth training workshop.

AAA Guests and Travellers


The Aids Angels Board was delighted to meet with Bishop Mulungise of South Africa who visited Victoria in June. He is our connection to Thembalethu Orphanage and St. Mary’s Hospital. In July, we met Wenda Dil of St. Nicholas Orphanage, Makeni Center, Zambia. She described the progress of the new dormitory block. Wenda told us the orphans are very healthy and well cared for. Now Makeni Center is concerned about how to support children in the area still living with single parents who struggle to feed and educate them.

Both Mrs. Dil and Bishop Mulungise emphasized the importance of AAA and the very positive impact of the funds we have raised.


Stan Shannon has just returned from two months working in Malawi for the Salvation Army. He was able to visit the AAA group in Mzuzu, Malawi and meet some of the people we support. He met a group of five widows who have been restored to life with ARV drugs and nutritional support from AAA. All five women are now healthy enough to grow their own food.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thanks from South Africa

This month we sent the second half of our 2008 disbursements to 3 projects in South Africa and Zambia. Vic and Lorraine Parsons spent time in South Africa at the end of last year, and received these emails back in response to the funds.

Born to Live, Mariannhill Hospital (support to HIV-positive pregnant women, new mothers and babies).

Greetings to you! This is fantastic - thank you so much!

We most certainly will send you information on our programme and our other HIV and AIDS treatment programmes.

Keep well and God Bless! Kind regards,

Thembalethu Assisi Orphanage

Thank you very much for your email and the donation. Your generosity is very much appreciated. I shall pass it on to Srs Andrea, Evarista and Pacis.

The children are happy. They play ball outside and enjoy walking round the convent, pretending they are visiting sisters.

Sr. Andrea was laughing because she sleeps in the same quarters with them and when she is not in her room, the children hide her shoes and say they are helping her to clean her room.

Thank you and your people who are committed to help the little ones.

The creche [a community facility not funded by African AIDS Angels] has been painted with colour outside and drawings inside of animals, cars, a big bus and aeroplane. It is beautiful. But your little friends add on their own drawings on top!

We will send you more information. We hope to see you again.
Sr Basil

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Saltspring Newsletter

Seeds for Malawi on Saltspring Island has produced another issue of their newsletter. You can catch up on their fundraising efforts here.

Seeds for Malawi passes their funds on to African AIDS Angels.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

New Shop

Art Knapps Plantland at Matticks Farm

We are delighted to announce that Plantland at Mattick's farm will begin carrying African Aids Angels.

We have a had great response to our request for volunteers to deliver angels to Plantland. Someone is now in place. Thanks to everyone that offered their time. We hope that some of you will stay on our list as a back up for angel delivery when things get really busy in November and December.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Garage Sale

Angel Garage Sale in Cyberspace

Do you have some interesting items that could go in a garage sale? What about that ornate mirror? Outlived rocking chair? Extra dishes?

Used Victoria will help you turn these into cash for African Aids Angels.

Here’s how:

1. Take a digital photo of your item. (i.e. chair)

2. Write a brief description of the item and set a price

3. Email photo, description and price to Erin at

She will post it on Used Victoria, noting that the funds raised go to African Aids Angels, along with our weblink. If there is a buyer, Erin will send you the person’s contact information and you set up a time for the item to be picked up at your home.

If you are familiar with Used Victoria you can do this yourself. Please be sure to include the link to African Aids Angels. It is another way of spreading our name in the community.

These will be cash only transactions.

Does this work?

Mary's note: I raised $215 in 3 days by clearing out a few cupboards. I’m happy with the new space and two more bags of food corn will be available for hospice care in Malawi.

For Out of Town groups, you can try the same thing using Craig’s List. Let us know your results.

November 15

House Event.

African Aids Angels will once again have a special holiday event hosted in a private home. It will be open to the whole community. Please put November 15th on your calendar and think about who you will invite.

More news when the leaves turn colour! Now go enjoy the summer.


Surplus Fabric

We are often donated very large pieces of fabric. We use part of the donated material for making angels but have been looking for someone who could use the surplus.

We have learned that Beacon Community Services accepts fabric for their thrift shop. You can drop off your extra fabric and support another community group. Check for a shop in your area. There is one on Quadra and one in Sidney.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Guns, Glue and Paint

Work Party

Volunteers needed.

Gluing experience an asset,
but will train!

The first body construction workshop was held June 24th. Six volunteers experimented with ways of efficiently gluing beads to pegs, drawing faces , putting on hair and tagging completed angels. Two hours of work produced almost 200 angel bodies, most with faces and many with hair. We were pleased with the first effort.

Watch for other workshops in the fall. We need to produce a at least 2000 bodies to supplement the work of individual volunteers who make another 2000 of them at home.

Think about hosting one at your kitchen table. All materials are supplied. If you have a table that seats 6 comfortably and can provide tea/coffee that is all that is needed. You choose the night and open your doors for 2 hours.

Contact Gail at for details.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Aids Angels AGM

African Aids Angels
Annual General Meeting

Tuesday, June 3

New Board

1.African Aids Angels Annual Report, Financial Report and Project Reports are all available now.

Ask for them at

2.Welcome to our new Board Members Gail Blais and Erin Ruff.

Gail is working on inventory management and new ways of organizing the construction of angel bodies. See blog notes. She is also a professional crafter and has experience in publicity for small groups.

Erin is experimenting with new ideas for fundraising. She is organizing the Angel Garage Sale on Used Victoria. See blog note.

Mary Bomford remains as Coordinator.

Pierre Dill continues as our Zambian orphanage contact and is working with Makeni to explore a new agricultural project for food security for AIDS affected people.

Joan Fox joins us again working with a very productive home based group and also with the House Event committee.

Vic Parsons remains as Secretary and our contact with Thembalethu orphanage and St. Mary's Hospital Born to Live Program.

Carol Sherwood continues her work as Treasurer, Website Management and graphic design.


We wish to thank Linda Scotton, our outgoing Board Member, for her work on Board development and the House Fair. She will continue to be an active Angel volunteer focussing on this year's House Fair

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Angel Supplies

Where to find angel making supplies

Angel making kit complete with:

Angel bodies, with 15 hair and 5 without

Name tags


Glue sticks

Will be available from Mary July until 25. Again after August 20.

Send a message to to arrange pick up.

The following are also available:

Fabric, bling, ribbon, beads


Angels can be delivered to angel making sessions.

Come to pick up materials, or exchange fabric even if you do not have time to stop and make angels with the group.

See dates and locations posted on the blog.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Angels available in Victoria via website

One of our volunteers is experimenting with asking for donations in a new way. is a popular website for buying and selling items. Now African AIDS Angels has a spot in the folk art category. You can check this out at, and type African Aids Angels in the search box.

Since items are delivered in person, it only works for orders in the local community. It's an interesting new fund-raising effort, and we're curious to know how the experiment turns out.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Design Inspirations

Many of you have asked for more photos of different styles of angels. Carol has created a link to an album of varied angels, including some notes on how they were made. Check the website and click on “What’s new”.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thembalethu Report

Thembalethu (Our Hope)

The name of the children’s shelter that Lorraine and Vic Parsons worked at from October to December 2007 pretty much sums up the hope for the future of the many orphaned and abandoned children in this part of South Africa. Both the shelter and St. Mary’s Hospital are located in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, the hardest hit part of South Africa by the HIV-AIDS pandemic.

We were astonished at the deep connections that the Zulu order of nuns, Daughters of St. Francis, have in the local community. The shelter is located two hours south of Durban in a rural setting of steep hills and green valleys. Not only do the sisters run the shelter, which accommodates between 20 and 26 children at a time, but they also provide meals for local schoolchildren, and they have an Outreach program that supplies food parcels – rice, beans, cornmeal, dairy supplements, oil – and blankets. If someone needs a wheelchair, they will work diligently to find one. If an ill person needs assistance to get a doctor’s certificate so they can get a pension from the government, they will explore all means possible. They also run a day care for children at the Assisi mission, and help support another about 10 kilometres away that serves 80 local kids. They distribute fresh food from their gardens to the local community.

When we consider the word Hope, we think of little Sanelisiwe, a toddler who came to the shelter shortly before we arrived. She had been abandoned by her mother for days and the only brief care she received was from passing strangers. Although she has not been tested, because she does not have a birth certificate and her mother has disappeared, she most likely carries the HIV virus. At first, no one could approach her crib without her bursting into tears and crying loudly. The only way the sisters and caregivers could get her to stop was by tossing a blanket over her head. Gradually, she allowed people to hold her, and then to give her small amounts of food. By the time we left Assisi, she would grin happily whenever we opened the door to the shelter. She would play with the other children and was so proud of her little frilly dress. To us, it was a minor miracle!

The other program African AIDS Angels contributes to is Born to Live at St. Mary’s Hospital just outside Durban. Drugs are given to pregnant moms to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV. About 4,000 babies and 3,500 mothers have gone through this program with a 95 per cent success rate. The AAA money provides counseling so the drugs are taken appropriately. If the drugs are not taken properly, the therapy would fail.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Angel Supplies

Where to find angel making supplies

Angel making kit complete with:

Angel bodies, with 15 hair and 5 without

Name tags


Glue sticks

Will be available from Mary after May 12.

Send a message to to arrange pick up.

The following are also available:

Fabric, bling, ribbon, beads


Angels can be delivered to angel making sessions.

Come to pick up materials, or exchange fabric even if you do not have time to stop and make angels with the group.

See dates and locations posted on the blog.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Reports from the Field

Over forty people attended our information meeting in Victoria on March 13th. We were able to get a much better sense of the impact of our fundraising efforts. Vic and Lorraine Parsons described the family atmosphere provided by the nuns at Thembalethu Orphanage in South Africa and the community outreach work they are also doing. AIDS Angels will be providing funds to assist with the outreach program in future.

Pierre and Lee Ann Dil presented a slide show about Makeni and the orphanage in Zambia that you can view on You Tube. Check below for the links.

Teddy Phiri sent a report and photos from Malawi about one of the families we are supporting. That is included below.

You can find more photos by checking the website.

Malawi Report

Teddy Phiri, one of our Malawi contacts has sent this report about a family that we are supporting. This gives a good picture of the larger issues that this family and others affected by AIDS are facing. Further comments in italics.

This family of Mr and Mrs Ngwata live in Dunduzu area about 10 km from Mzuzu City. Both of them are on ARV treatment. (Anti-retroviral drugs suppress the symptoms of Aids and may allow the person to assume some of their responsbilities). One child died in January 2008. He was also on ARV treatment. They have had 8 children, 5 are still living. Their eldest, a daughter, just disappeared leaving behind two children. The last-born child who is 7 months old also shows signs of being HIV positive.

Discovery of HIV Status

The husband in 2004 became very sick. After tests at the hospital, he was diagnosed as HIV positive and the wife was also tested and she was found positive too. Immediately both of them were put on ARVs.

Community Support

They feel no segregation in the community despite their illness. The village Headman is very supportive to the family ever since they declared their HIV status openly. (in the past many people were isolated and shunned when their HIV status became known)

Acceptance by their Children

Both parents informed their children of their status. The children are very supportive to their parents. For example the oldest boy and daughter are the main income generators of the family through general farming and vegetable gardening. They always make sure that parents have taken the ARVs. Due to a shortage of fertilizer they mix fertilizer and maize husks in their vegetable gardens. The vegetables grow very well (This was a new lesson learnt by us).

(Because soils in Malawi are depleted by overfarming, chemical fertilizer is necessary . However, soil can only be rebuilt with organic matter such as compost and manure. These young farmers have made a good discovery)

The wife Elita is playing a vital role in the community by encouraging people to go for testing. They informed us that there are many people in the village who are on ARVs due to their civic education.

Availability of ARVs

The medications are always available at the hospital and hospital staff are very supportive.

African Aids Angels Support.

The family is supported by African Aids Angels in the following way.

  1. Seeds and fertilizer for their farm.
  2. Youth training: One boy dropped out of school in Standard 7 in order to help the family. He is receiving training in market gardening and is provided with seeds and tools to grow vegetables.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Zambia slide show/video

For all those who missed the James Bay slide shows, here's a You-tube version of the presentation from Pierre and Lee Ann Dil.

Read the note below, then click here:

Suggestions and notes about what you will see:

The presentation may take a while to download. If you set it up and walk away, you can return when it is downloaded. Then you can enjoy the music and images without interruption.

In sequence you will see maps to orient you to Makeni which is located on the outskirts of Lusaka, the capital of Zambia. Next come photos of Lusaka to give you a flavor of the city.

Then you move to Makeni where you will see some of the workshops and photos of Rev. and Mrs. Dil, the founders of Makeni and Pierre’s parents. The orphanage is part of Makeni and you will see lots of photos of the children at work and play. Look for the “Keep Zambia Clean” day and the children’s swimming field trip. The soccer players are wearing uniforms donated from clubs in Victoria. Finally you will see the additions to the dormitories. More space is needed as some of the orphans enter adolescence. The buildings were funded by an Aids Angels special donation and by funds from donors in Holland.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Coming to James Bay, Victoria

New Group
James Bay

An African Aids Angels group is starting up at the James Bay Community Project.

547 Michigan

The group will meet every Thursday morning from 10 until 11:30 a.m.

Many thanks to Catriona Campbell for organizing this new location.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

How much did we earn in 2007 and where is it going?

Through the efforts of a large group of volunteers, in 2007 African AIDS Angels raised $75,000.

Donation Sources:
Victoria shops: $8000
Out of Town groups: $15,500
Angel makers: $8300 informally, among friends and acquaintances
Home Fair/Tea: $6200 in one afternoon
Craft Fairs: $5000
Seeds for Malawi (Saltspring): $14,000
The rest is made up of generous donations and many small fundraisers.
These figures are rounded. A detailed financial report will be presented at our AGM later this year. The total is slightly higher than 2006.

Where will it make a difference in southern Africa?

The Board of Directors decided that the money raised will be spent as follows:

1. Zambia orphanage
$5000 has been sent to the building fund
$10,000 will go for orphan support
$7000 will be considered for a new project proposal
2. South Africa orphanage
$12,000 will go for orphan support
$2000 will go for community outreach (family support)
3. South Africa hospital
$20,000 will go for support of mothers & children with HIV
4. Malawi agriculture & family support
$14,000 has been sent from Saltspring's Seeds for Malawi
$3000 will go for hospice programs.
A small balance covers expenses, mainly angel bodies and printing.
These figures are rounded. A detailed financial report will be presented at our AGM later this year.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

New group in Los Angeles

A group of keen angel makers has formed in Los Angeles, and a shop in Venice California is displaying their work. These photos show their creative dreadlocks for hair. They also have good display tool: it's a tree branch in a vase full of sand. Congratulations.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Map of National and International Angels

Where in the WORLD are YOU!

We want to map angel groups, raising funds for African Aids Angels, that are located outside of Victoria, B.C. Canada.

We'll send an email to the groups we know about but if we miss you, please send an email to to let us know where you are.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Map of the Victoria Angels

Where are you?

We would like to make a map to locate angel making groups.

If you are making angels at your home in Victoria, as an individual or as part of a group, we'd like to know where you are located. This will help us plan how to distribute materials effectively.

We'll be sending emails to home groups that we know about. If we miss you and you are planning to make angels any time this year, please send an email at africanaidsangels and tell us where you are located.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Congratulations and Thank You

From Nov. 16th to Dec. 31st African Aids Angels volunteers from all over Vancouver Island, the lower Mainland, and several other locations in Canada and the USA have raised $32,800 for our four projects in sub-Saharan Africa.

Thank you to everyone who worked for this goal in many different ways….

hairdressers” … “body makers”…face paintersfabric cutters….angel dresserscollectors of jewelry, fabric and bling….dressing session organizers….craft fair organizers and participantsthe home craft fair crewour diligent and hard working Board….the shops that sponsor us all year round and those who stock the shops….the name tag volunteersthe supply shoppersthose who spread the word about angels

Watch the blog for a summary of our full year of fundraising and how we will disburse it.

Makeni and Thembalethu

New Photos

Go to the website (green box top right of this screen: click on African Aids Angels)

then click on What’s New

and connect to two lovely photo galleries of up to date pictures from Zambia and South Africa.

Our travellers have returned safely and have pictures to share.

Aids Angels go International

A special welcome

to the new groups that are beginning this year,

especially those in the USA and the UK.

A note from Pender Island

I wanted to let you know that all those little angels on Pender Island brought in approximately $2,481 in 2007.

It is all very simple, and so grass-roots.

How Can I get Involved?

New Members

Our volunteers are taking a short break in January. If you are new and want to get involved with Aids Angels here are things to do until the next angel making session.

Read through our website and blog (check back through the archives). This will give you a good idea of our history and the purpose of our organization.

You can start collecting materials that can be used to make angels

*double wired ribbon (for wings),

*bits of old jewelry (rings, brooches and earrings are best),

*African or ethnic looking fabric. At the moment we have lots of cotton prints.


If you are outside the Victoria, B.C. area ask for the email manual “Making a Difference” and begin to plan.

Anyone who wants to be on our email contact list can send an email to We will include you on our contact list and send you brief email message when there is new information on the blog. ( every 2-3 weeks.)