Monday, May 28, 2007

Glorious News!!

News Release:

Stephen Lewis' successor is Elizabeth Mataka

Dear All,

It is my joy and pride to announce to you that Elisabeth Mataka, the ED for Zambia National
AIDS Network-ZNAN (One of the few civil society primary recipients of the Global Fund) has
been chosen as the United Nations special envoy for AIDS in Africa- a position
previously held by Stephen Lewis.

This does me proud as a woman, does us all proud as African Civil Societies fighting against
AIDS TB and Malaria. They will no longer be told about what happens in Africa- They will
SEE it through an African's eyes.

Elisabeth wears many many hats- Since 2006, Elisabeth has served as the Board member
for developing Countries NGO delegation at the Global Fund Board and we had the pleasure
of working with her to build a strong civil society voice on the Global Fund Board.

Recently the Global Fund Board recognised her contributions and hard work and appointed
her to serve as the Vice Chair of the Global Fund Board for year 2007-2008.

Join me in congratulating Elisabeth and wishing her all the best in these challenging but truly
noble tasks ahead of her.

Go Liz Go!!! Let Africa speak!!!

Lucy Ng'ang'a
Executive Director
Eastern Africa.