Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Supply Depot in Victoria for end of February and March

The supply depot in Victoria has a temporary home from February 21 to approximately March 28.
Angel-makers can pick up bodies, glue sticks and name tags, as well as drop off completed angels or obtain angels for sales by making an appointment with:
  • Linda Foley
  • 250-881-1536
  • 4310 Maltwood Lane (in the Broadmead/High Quadra area). map

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fund-raising at Churches

Are you part of a church congregation or similar group in greater Victoria?

We have had some success with marketing angels at a table just before and after Sunday services, and would like to expand.

If you can contact the person who approves this sort of request at your church for a one-time event, or let us know who to contact, please send an email to

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Marketing in Victoria

The Angels fund-raising process has many components. The Board of Directors is keen to find a volunteer for marketing and distribution of angels in Greater Victoria.

The job will require an hour or two a week for much of the year, and possibly a few hours when sales are on. The tasks are:
  1. Research, suggest, and contact new low-cost marketing venues such as fairs and recreation centres
  2. Maintain annual liaison with some existing venues which have been successful
  3. Assist with set-up and supply of tables at "sale" events.
Training will be provided. Ability to use email is required and use of a vehicle is recommended. This position is separate from supply to shops.

If you can help with all or part of this position, please send an email to so we can meet to discuss the details.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Youth Committee

We have a small but active Youth Committee in Victoria which visits school classes and other youth groups. Sessions involve students' making an angel and learning about the people we are assisting in southern Africa. Usually a team of two volunteers is involved. The teacher and class are responsible for collecting their own donations afterward.

If the Committee expands, we can reach more classes. If you are interested in young people and would like to participate or want more information, please send an email to