Saturday, June 21, 2008

New Shop

Art Knapps Plantland at Matticks Farm

We are delighted to announce that Plantland at Mattick's farm will begin carrying African Aids Angels.

We have a had great response to our request for volunteers to deliver angels to Plantland. Someone is now in place. Thanks to everyone that offered their time. We hope that some of you will stay on our list as a back up for angel delivery when things get really busy in November and December.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Garage Sale

Angel Garage Sale in Cyberspace

Do you have some interesting items that could go in a garage sale? What about that ornate mirror? Outlived rocking chair? Extra dishes?

Used Victoria will help you turn these into cash for African Aids Angels.

Here’s how:

1. Take a digital photo of your item. (i.e. chair)

2. Write a brief description of the item and set a price

3. Email photo, description and price to Erin at

She will post it on Used Victoria, noting that the funds raised go to African Aids Angels, along with our weblink. If there is a buyer, Erin will send you the person’s contact information and you set up a time for the item to be picked up at your home.

If you are familiar with Used Victoria you can do this yourself. Please be sure to include the link to African Aids Angels. It is another way of spreading our name in the community.

These will be cash only transactions.

Does this work?

Mary's note: I raised $215 in 3 days by clearing out a few cupboards. I’m happy with the new space and two more bags of food corn will be available for hospice care in Malawi.

For Out of Town groups, you can try the same thing using Craig’s List. Let us know your results.

November 15

House Event.

African Aids Angels will once again have a special holiday event hosted in a private home. It will be open to the whole community. Please put November 15th on your calendar and think about who you will invite.

More news when the leaves turn colour! Now go enjoy the summer.


Surplus Fabric

We are often donated very large pieces of fabric. We use part of the donated material for making angels but have been looking for someone who could use the surplus.

We have learned that Beacon Community Services accepts fabric for their thrift shop. You can drop off your extra fabric and support another community group. Check for a shop in your area. There is one on Quadra and one in Sidney.