Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Supply Depot in Victoria

Supplies for angel-makers are available from now until January 8, so please plan ahead if you need bodies or name-tags. After January 8, there will be a break until February.

The pick-up point for angel supplies and completed angels for sales, as well as the drop-off point for completed angels has changed from Linda Foley's back to:

Vic & Lorraine Parsons
1473 Banff Place (off Doncaster), map

Thanks very much to Linda Foley for helping out during the past few busy months.

We need new angels year-round to supply shops and other small sales in the spring/summer.

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Where to find Angels

Looking for Angels? Generous shops which carry a small rack of angels are listed on our website.
Welcome and thanks to our newest shops:
  • Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy, 4071 Shelbourne St. (at Feltham)
  • Sorensen Books, 1027 Cook St. (at Fort)
  • Tia’s Heritage Cafe, 5305 West Saanich Road (near Sparton)
  • Mazouna Moroccan Bazaar, 715 Douglas St, opp. Convention Centre

Friday, December 02, 2011

A Gift of Hope

Please consider making a cash donation to African AIDS Angels this holiday season. The money will go directly to the projects we support in southern Africa for children, families, and pregnant women who are affected by HIV/AIDS.

A donation is a great way to honour someone who has everything, or everything he or she needs. In the past a couple has made this their gift to each other, and people have made donations for friends who are overseas where gifts are difficult to send. It's a great gift when you don't know what to get for someone, or when you know they will support your gesture of goodwill.

If you wish, for donations of $15 or more you can receive a Gift of Hope card which says in part, "
A Gift of Hope has been made in your name to African AIDS Angels, with best wishes from..."
We will mail the card to you or your recipient.
To make a donation by credit card, use the Donations page on our website.
To make a donation by cheque, mail it to
  • African AIDS Angels
  • c/o 1855 Neil St
  • Victoria BC V8R 3C6
indicating where the Gift of Hope card should be sent. Happy Holidays.