Thursday, August 23, 2007

Expand the Network

Bring a neighbour

Bring a friend/mom/sister

Help us expand the angel making network.

This fall we are encouraging all Angellers to bring along a friend, a neighbour or relative to a dressing session. We want to inspire new angel makers.

Throughout the summer the Angels flew off the shelves. The shops which support us are looking forward to a good supply of angels for the fall and into the Christmas season.

We also have the opportunity for displays at Hillside and other Christmas craft events.

People always respond best to personal invitations. Who can you invite?

Angel Party

Angel Party

To all experienced Angellers.

This fall, plan an angel making party. Many people have found that they enjoy making angels at home with a small group of friends in afternoon or evening.

We can provide you with a compact kit of all the materials you need for 4 or 5 people to make angels. The kit will include some sample angels as examples to get people started.

If you want to try this out email and arrange to pick up the kit.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

New Shop, New Signs

New Shop

New Signs

African Aids Angels welcome the Global Village Store in Market Square.

Global Village will be selling Angels for $7.00 plus tax. This is the first time that there will be a fixed price for angels at a particular location. This change accommodates the way that Global Village markets their crafts. We are delighted that they have asked to help us with Aids Angels. The shop markets items that help third world crafters receive a living wage for their work. It is an excellent spot to check out.

We are also trying to encourage people to consider a larger donation for the Angels. All the other shops that offer the angels for a donation have a new sign for the display spinner.

Side 1 says:

African Aids Angels

suggested donation:

Side 2 says:

$5 minimum

3kg of seed to start a garden = $7

10 days of orphan care = $10

We are trying to see if this will prompt more donations. At least it will give people a sample of how some of our funds are used.

If you wish to comment on this change please email:

If you want to know where to find Angels check our website.