Monday, June 19, 2006

Angel Making Challenge June 27

Can You Make 5 Angels?

We are overwhelmed by success. Rob Shaw's Malawi story in the Times Colonist has resulted in many donations, new volunteers and great angel sales.

We are really short of angels. We need your help! If all angellers old and new will plan to make at least 5 angels this month, then we can catch up on the demand.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Are you new to Aids Angels?

Welcome to African Aids Angels. If you read Rob Shaw's Times Colonist article, and want to know more, please check our website The site lists where the Aids Angels are sold. You will also find our history and many photos of the people that we support.

The website also provide contact addresses if you want to make email inquiries.

Thanks for your interest.

Photo: Teddy and Delirah Phiri, two of the African Aids Angels organizers in Mzuzu Malawi. Teddy and Delirah manage the funds raised by African Aids Angels Victoria and Saltspring Island's Seeds for Malawi. They provide seeds and fertilizer for women widowed by AIDS and other families fragmented by AIDS; emergency food relief and school fees for children orphanned by AIDS. photo: Sean McIntyre

Sunday, June 11, 2006

African Journey

Rob Shaw's reports on his trip to Malawi and Tanzania start Sunday June 11 in the Times Colonist.

Monday June the 12th features Mzuzu , Malawi and Aids Angels in that area.