Thursday, April 30, 2009

Annual General Meeting May 28

Mark your calendar for the African AIDS Angels' Annual General Meeting on Thursday May 28 from 7 to 9 pm. Location is James Bay New Horizons Centre, 234 Menzies St., Victoria.

The Annual General Meeting includes the election of the Board of Directors and the financial report for 2008. We will have reports from all four projects in southern Africa, and a special first-hand report on Malawi.

Stan Shannon, an Angels volunteer from Pender Island, visits Malawi with another charitable organization. He has taken the time (and effort) to visit the projects supported by African AIDS Angels in Malawi, and he will be reporting on his recent experience.

Following the short meeting and Stan's presentation, there will be demonstrations of how to attach hair and other construction techniques. Bonus: If you have pinking shears that you would like to have sharpened, please bring them to the meeting with your name attached and hand them to Gail Blais. We'll also have a display table so you can bring angels you would like others to see.

Please take this opportunity to meet other angel volunteers, exchange information, and learn about the projects we support.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Coverage in Parksville/Qualicum

Below is a link to an article about some dedicated Angel volunteers which appeared recently in the Oceanside News. The paper covers the Parksville/Qualicum area on Vancouver Island.

Angels helping AIDS victims

[The link may stop functioning after a few weeks, so a version of the article without the picture is saved through this image on the right.]

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Container arrives in Makeni - Zambia

Hello to all who donated items for Makeni orphanage (Zambia), sent by container last year. This is an extract of an e-mail received from staff at Makeni:

"Just to let you know the good news that the boxes, via Namunyanga, have arrived safely! It was an awesome effort, and I want you to know how grateful we are.

Our very sincere thanks to you, all that packing and sealing of boxes, not to mention the collecting of the goods. Please will you give a tremendous thank you to yourself and to everyone else involved.

Today Tina (Lily's daughter, who is in charge of stock-taking) started opening boxes, with someone from accounts, and making a list, and tomorrow afternoon, I will be able to go and get get sheets for the boys, who I am told do not have any, and also a second sheet for each of the girls. They have usually got one sheet, but have never had the luxury of two.

At present we have 26 towels among the 36 children, so there has been a certain amount of sharing, and a real dirth on washday, if the weather has not been favourable and the towels have not dried before bath time.

Now we will be able to give each child two towels, and I will be rushing to town to buy a laundry pencil, so that we can put their names on them. We also have a functioning hot water cylinder these days, so bathing and keeping clean will be much more of a pleasure for the children, thanks to our donors.

Thanks again for a thoughtful job well done!

Much love from the staff and children, who say thanks too!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Attention Angel-makers in Victoria

Temporary change in procedure:

From April 16 to May 27/09, your contact in Victoria for angel-making kits and bodies will be Erin Ruff. Her phone number is 250-893-3686 and e-mail is

Lorraine and Vic Parsons will be back on May 27.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Seeds for Malawi Newsletter

Saltspring's latest newsletter. Note two plant sales coming up on April 25 and June 7. They sell out early! For more details, contact

Click on newsletter to enlarge it.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

St. John's Deep Cove Invitation

St. John's United Community Fair

10990 West Saanich Road

May 2 from 10 -2

We are invited to have a free table for African Aids Angels fundraising at this event.
We have participated in this event in the past and we have raised about $100 each time.
We would encourage volunteers who live in that area to consider hosting the table.

If you are interested contact Mary at

Angels and Anawim

African Aids Angels is pleased to announce a new partner.

Residents of Anawim House have become partners with us in making parts for angel bodies.

They are using their well-equipped workshop to sand pegs, paint beads and glue bodies.
African Aids Angels needs to produce about 5000 angel bodies for dressing each year. Our partnership with Anawim will help us streamline this task and it will support those faithful volunteers who have done this detailed, labour intensive work for many years.

You can find out more about Anawim House at

Open Door at the Angel Store

Angel Store

April 6 to 10

The second week of the month is Angel Store week.

We have:

Angel bodies ready for dressing

Additional supplies for dressing: plain fabrics, buttons, ribbon, bling etc.

Make an appointment to pick up materials by emailing Mary at

Note: there will be no Angel Store pick ups in May. Please plan ahead!

Angel Making Sessions

Angel Making: Cordova United and James Bay Community Project.
Click on Calendar: upper right side of this blog page

You will find our new calendar. Click on the dates with notes on them and you will find times, dates, addresses and a map to guide you to our next angel making sessions.

Donations by Pay Pal

Pay Pal Donation

African Aids Angels can now receive donations by Pay Pal. This is for direct donations where the exchange of Angels is not involved.

Check our website for details.

There is a small fee for this service which is absorbed by our group. A cheque is still a welcome way to make a donation but for many Pay Pal could be more convenient.