Monday, September 10, 2012

Saltspring Seeds for Malawi

We have sent our annual donation to our partner group in Mzuzu, Malawi. This consists of $3000 from African AIDS Angels for nutrition support, and $9228 from Seeds for Malawi on Saltspring Island for school fees and support to farm groups.

Since this is the last time that Seeds for Malawi will be sending money, the group sent some additional financial gifts to the recipients and volunteer organizers in Malawi. The organizers in Malawi decided earlier that they have the capacity to continue with nutrition support, but not the other aspects of the program.

The September issue of Seeds for Malawi's newsletter which includes more details is at right. [Click on the image to enlarge, and press Control and + to enlarge further.]

When we receive some photo results from filmmaker Peter Kepkay's trip to Malawi, we will share them. A quote from him in the newsletter emphasizes the gratitude that the recipients expressed for your support.

African AIDS Angels will still support the nutrition component of this program, so our relationship with Malawi will continue.

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