Sunday, September 02, 2012

Quality Control for Angel-makers

We are approaching the busy season for angel "sales" and need lots of angels. Since our purpose is raising funds, we need to offer angels that donors will admire and want to select.

 If you are an angel-maker, please note the following:

• All parts of an angel need to be stable. The completed angel will be packed in a box and moved so the clothing and decoration may shift, sometimes making it less attractive. To make angels stable, all parts should be glued sufficiently, especially
  • the cape glued at the bottom back to the dress
  • the wings glued to the body or cape in several places, not just the centre
  • all folded layers glued to each other
  • dangling jewelry glued so it doesn't move or swing
• After considerable experience, we can report that feathers do not sell well. While a few angels with feathers may be desirable for variety, their use should be very sparing
• The neck should have no wood showing through. Use a narrow ribbon for a finished look at the neck.

Your attention to these adjustments will make our sales and fund-raising more productive. Thanks!

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