Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thanks from South Africa

This month we sent the second half of our 2008 disbursements to 3 projects in South Africa and Zambia. Vic and Lorraine Parsons spent time in South Africa at the end of last year, and received these emails back in response to the funds.

Born to Live, Mariannhill Hospital (support to HIV-positive pregnant women, new mothers and babies).

Greetings to you! This is fantastic - thank you so much!

We most certainly will send you information on our programme and our other HIV and AIDS treatment programmes.

Keep well and God Bless! Kind regards,

Thembalethu Assisi Orphanage

Thank you very much for your email and the donation. Your generosity is very much appreciated. I shall pass it on to Srs Andrea, Evarista and Pacis.

The children are happy. They play ball outside and enjoy walking round the convent, pretending they are visiting sisters.

Sr. Andrea was laughing because she sleeps in the same quarters with them and when she is not in her room, the children hide her shoes and say they are helping her to clean her room.

Thank you and your people who are committed to help the little ones.

The creche [a community facility not funded by African AIDS Angels] has been painted with colour outside and drawings inside of animals, cars, a big bus and aeroplane. It is beautiful. But your little friends add on their own drawings on top!

We will send you more information. We hope to see you again.
Sr Basil

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