Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Agricultural Training

AAA has supported many orphans through to the end of high school. However, when they graduate there are very few jobs. In 2007 and 2008 AAA funded training in Market Gardening. The funds provide tools, seed and fertilizer for one year’s crop. Also AAA pays the local Agricultural Extension officer to teach the courses for young people to start up small agricultural businesses. (There is no government funding available for such an initiative.) Thirty youths have trained each year.This year the ratio of girls to boys is about 50/50. Several students from last year's program have become independent farmers.

Teddy Phiri’s note from Malawi:

”Our intervention for the youths in agricultural production is a miracle.
As you are aware we trained them and gave them materials
individually. These are scattered homesteads. So far each beneficiary is doing
extremely well. It is so pleasing that girls are even doing better than
boys. What is also pleasing is that the assistance went to one individual
on the homestead but the reality is the whole homestead has access to the
watering can and the sprayer thus the whole homestead was encouraged to grow

Check the website for new photos including the youth training workshop.

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