Friday, February 02, 2007

Thanks from Zambia

Thanks from Zambia

This message comes from Mrs. Dil at St. Nicholas Orphanage in Makeni, Zambia.

A very generous donation to African Aids Angels Victoria has enabled us to provide funding to build a new dormitory for the orphanned girls at Makeni. She addressed it Dr. Dil and his wife Lee Ann, our contacts for this project.

Dear Pierre and Leeann,

I became aware of this wonderful news ( funding for the dorm) on Sunday evening when Anton phoned me from England, but lost two very enthusiastic letters of thanks to you and AAA when we had power failures. As it happened in the daytime, I had nothing to warn me of the power failure until the computer stopped and I completely lost my messages !

We have had very good daily rains, but also daily electricity and telephone failures,.

…immediately convey to them (AAA and the donor) our heartfelt thanks for this wonderful gift. We are totally overwhelmed !!

We struggle with the immense workload, trying to keep uptodate with 21st century equipment, while the elements… and financial constraints, resulting in short-staffing, are constantly sabotaging us.

It is now 11.30 at night Tues. and I could reread your amazing news for the first time since yesterday morning, at 10am, when we had a powercut till 5pm, and I have since had no use of my telephone.

We have got in touch with the builders, and will let you know as soon as we start.

I am hoping that Truus and Jan will be coming out, sometime in this year, and it will be a lovely project for the children to do with Jan. I can just imagine the building covered with flying Angels ! (one of these guests is an artist, who could paint the dorm walls with angels)

At first we were only going to do an extension for the girls dormitory, but now we will try to do the same for the boys. Truus and Jan and friends of MEC in Holland and Flanders, have also been doing fundraising for this project, since it is quite expensive, so we will put our resources together.

As soon as we have done our sums and checked our combined finances, we will give you exact details of how your money will be spent.

Once again, grateful thanks and love

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