Friday, February 02, 2007

Thanks from Malawi

This letter was forwarded by Teddy Phiri, our contact in Malawi. Stuart's wife died of AIDS. He is HIV positive but is now on anti-retroviral drugs. He is working with others to educate them about AIDS. Now that his health is stronger he is able to support his five children. One of the great benefits of ARVs is that they keep the parents alive to support their children.

The Coordinator

AAA Project


Dear Sir / Madam


I write to thank you for saving my life. I would have been dead without you. You did not stop at just saving my life but you have continued looking after me all through out from 2003 you have been looking after me through with life necessities such as days provision you have provided daily bread when sick, you taken me to the hospital, you have been giving me medicine, providing me soap, sugar, blankets and fertilizer when my family was lacking you giving me poles, wrap plastic paper for roofing and cash for grass.

I cannot say all what you do for me to date, I want you to understand that I am very thankful for all what you are doing for me, it is not easy for you to come all the way up to my house and appreciate my problems please keep it up.

May the Good Lord Almighty Bless You.

Thank you.

Stuart Mhango.

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