Friday, September 15, 2006

Thrifty Smile Cards

Smile Cards good until December 2006

We have received a huge benefit from the Thrifty Smile Card program since December of 2005.

Thrifty's will be revising the program effective January 2007.

We can use our current cards until December 2006. We still have about 30 cards left and it is really worthwhile using them for the remaining 3 months of the program.

If you have lost yours and need a new one or you know someone who would like one, email Mary at and cards will be mailed to you.

The Smile Card program will continue in a new form. We are not sure if we will qualify under the new program but we are immensely greatful to Thrifty's for the benefits we received this year. You could express your thanks when you use your card.

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