Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A Letter from a Young Angel Maker

Heather lives on Pender and made angels with Mary, a member of one of our sister groups. Heather is 10 years old.

Dear Mary,

Thank you for letting me make “Aids Angels” with you and Andrea.
With each pieace added onto the Angel deep down I know that I have done a good deed. With the sales of the dolls, People in Africa are being given aid. Some people might think “Who cares? We have a good life it’s not our fault if they don’t have food and water.” But when we’ve made even just one “Aids Angel” and then turn on the TV and see those shows abouting giving aid to people in Africa, we know we’ve done a good deed. Thank you for giving me a richly deserving chance at doing my part for the world, Thanks again,

yours truly,

P.S I saw both my angels in the disaply window at the Driftwood. Oh how I felt!

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