Monday, August 21, 2006

Fear of Hair

A critical link (or curl) in the chain

Wouldn't you like to watch TV without guilt?

Make your TV time productive!

Learn how to put on Angel hair.

When you come to make angels, you just pick up that pre-prepared angel body and your creative juices flow, but, someone had to put hair on it.

We are immensely greatful to four volunteers who have been steadily putting hair on angels. Its time to lighten their load.

If you have reasonably steady hands and can set aside one or two hours of TV or DVD time to give the angels their hair you will become a very important link in the angel production team. You can do it at home. No meetings, no gas to burn. We admit its not the most exciting job in the world but we can't do without it.

Contact Anne at jalowan@shaw .ca or phone 744-3996 if you are interested.

UPDATE: workshop at St. Aidan's Sept. 16. See post above.

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