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Frequently Asked Questions

About the African AIDS Angels

  1. How do you transfer the funds to Africa?

Funds are transferred directly from our AAA Victoria account to the bank accounts of our four projects.

  1. How do you distribute your funds?

Our funds are divided equally among the four projects and sent two or three times a year.

  1. How do you know how the funds are being used?

Our board members have personal connections with each project. Several visits have been made to the projects and regular reports are provided by email and telephone.

  1. Why did you choose those four projects to support?

The four projects were chosen because six of our board members have lived, worked or traveled in Zambia, Malawi and South Africa and have personal connections with those involved with each project.

  1. What kinds of projects do you support?

African Aids Angels support people who are affected by AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa. We are supporting widows, orphans, family fragments and pregnant women with HIV/AIDS

  1. Are you open to supporting other projects?

At this time the needs of our four projects continue to grow. We do not have the resources to expand beyond our current commitments. We are open to other groups outside the Vancouver Island area, using our model to raise funds for other AIDS projects in sub-Saharan Africa.

7. Are you a charity and can I get a tax receipt for my donation?

African Aids Angels is a registered society in B.C. We are not a registered charity with the federal government and therefore ineligible to provide charitable tax receipts.

8. How many volunteers are there in the organization?

Our Victoria group has over 150 volunteers.

9. What do your volunteers do?

Our volunteers make and sell angels, search out donated materials and prepare them for angel making, speak to educational and service organizations, and support the growth of new groups.

10. Do you have paid staff?

All our staff is volunteer.

11. What percentage of your funds goes to AIDS relief?

On average 93% of the funds raised go to our four projects.

12. Is African Aids Angels Victoria the only Angel group?

There are groups in Winnipeg, Ottawa, Seattle and many Vancouver Island towns. Contact us for more information.

13. I am a teacher. Can someone do a workshop for my class? What kind of information would be provided?

We do presentations for schools. We work with the teacher to provide age appropriate AIDS information for the class. We will assist with angel making provided that the teacher makes arrangements for the sale of the angels as part of the presentation.

14. This is such a huge pandemic. How can you make a difference?

We believe in the Japanese proverb that thousands of individual snowflakes will come together with enough weight to break a branch. We are one of thousands of small groups that together are making a difference.

15. Why are you sending money to Africa when we have homeless people here?

We have respect for all groups that support anyone in need. Many of our members support homeless people through local organizations. AAA is focused on AIDS relief in sub-Saharan Africa.

16. Is this a religiously based project?

We are not a religiously based organization. We are supported generously by many local churches. Our projects in Zambia and South Africa are managed by faith based groups. They are using our funds to support the needs of orphans and pregnant women with HIV/AIDS. Our funds are not used for proselytizing.

17. I would like to go to Africa to work. Can I help with one of your projects?

We do not arrange volunteer placements. Some of our projects occasionally accept volunteers but these arrangements must be made on an individual basis.

18. How can I get involved? How can my sister in Calgary start a project?

In the Victoria area we welcome new volunteers. Call or email and join our volunteer list.

Outside of the Victoria area you can email and ask for the angel making manual. Check the website for the current contact. The Manual for Making a Difference outlines everything you need to know about establishing a group, making and marketing angels. We also encourage other forms of fundraising to support our projects. Email if you interested.

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