Monday, November 26, 2012

Recent photos from Zambia

Matthew Dil took some great photographs of our recent Dil family trip to Makeni Ecumenical Centre, posted to flickr, at the following link:

Matthew's pictures of Makeni

The orphanage children had a "fun-day" organized by community members in Makeni, and Pierre, Lee Ann, Andrew, and Matthew helped with activities. You will see pictures (in link above) of a giant inflatable "bouncy-castle", that the orphans (and some other local children who joined in for the day) absolutely loved. We were amazed no one had an accident! There was also a tug-of-war with an old hose-pipe (that broke spectacularly spilling kids and adults all over the place), a tag-team water bucket race, and a limbo competition favouring the smallest kids! There are also some pictures of Makeni in general herewith.

I have also posted some general pictures of the buildings and students at Makeni here:

Pierre's photos

Pierre Dil

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