Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Marketing in Victoria

The Angels fund-raising process has many components. The Board of Directors is keen to find a volunteer for marketing and distribution of angels in Greater Victoria.

The job will require an hour or two a week for much of the year, and possibly a few hours when sales are on. The tasks are:
  1. Research, suggest, and contact new low-cost marketing venues such as fairs and recreation centres
  2. Maintain annual liaison with some existing venues which have been successful
  3. Assist with set-up and supply of tables at "sale" events.
Training will be provided. Ability to use email is required and use of a vehicle is recommended. This position is separate from supply to shops.

If you can help with all or part of this position, please send an email to africanaidsangels@gmail.com so we can meet to discuss the details.

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