Monday, January 16, 2012

University of Victoria group

Last spring a prospective student at the University of Victoria - Megan - expressed interest in making angels. Since our weekday sessions are not convenient for students, we suggested she might like to establish a club at UVic which could meet at an appropriate time. Megan took this challenge on, and after the completion of one successful term, sent this report:
With the guidance and support of AAA board members Laura and Sandra, we created AIDS Angels UVic as a club on campus. We meet every Tuesday evening for a couple hours, making the Angels from supplies generously given to us by Sandra, Carol and Barb.

The other girls who have joined our group bring creativity and positive energy: I truly couldn't have done it without their folding and crafting and gluing efforts! We had a very successful first term, raising around $200 in Angel sales on World AIDS Day on December 1st at UVic, as well as another day on campus.

World AIDS Day
was especially rewarding, as I got to work with UVic Aid for AIDS and the African Awareness Club to collaborate on the day's events. A representative from the Island Sexual Health Clinic was at one of our tables which included both information and AIDS Angels. Later that day a guest speaker held a discussion on her anthropological research with AIDS and Papua New Guinea indigenous peoples. Overall, it was a great day for drumming up awareness!

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