Wednesday, June 29, 2011

AIDS Background

Some easy to read library books about people affected by AIDS in Africa:
  • Sizwe's test: a young man's journey through Africa's AIDS epidemic by Jonny Steinberg. One man's decision on whether to be tested for HIV guides a South African journalist as he learns about the ups and downs of AIDS treatment in a rural area.
  • Taking away the distance: a young orphan's journey and the AIDS epidemic in Africa by Miles Roston. An American documentary filmmaker meets an AIDS orphan in Kenya and over a few years the two explore what local leaders and the global community are doing about the epidemic.
  • 28: stories of AIDS in Africa by Stephanie Nolen. A Canadian journalist meets 28 people affected by AIDS in different parts of Africa, and tells their highly individual stories.
Or pick a country that interests you and read about the state of HIV/AIDS there on the website Avert.

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