Monday, November 29, 2010

Give a Gift of Hope Card

A Gift of Hope Card from African AIDS Angels is a handy acknowledgment that spreads good cheer in the holiday season.

Not sure what to buy for someone? Donate a minimum of $15 to African AIDS Angels and we will provide you with a gift card or mail it on your behalf. Your friend, relative or colleague then knows that you have donated to a good cause in his or her honour.

You can obtain a gift card by cheque or credit card.

By Cheque: Write a cheque for $15 or more to African AIDS Angels and mail it
c/o 1855 Neil Street
Victoria BC V8R 3C6.
Specify your mailing address or the address of the recipient.

By Credit card: Go to the Donations page of our website and use the secure service PayPal. The first page is your credit card information. On the second page, select the line which says "+ Add Special Instructions to Seller". In this box, add that you want a Gift Card, and provide the mailing address. You can put several recipients in the same box, provided you donate at least $15 per gift card.

The amount of $15 provides school supplies for 2 orphans for a year, or more than a week's supply of food. Everybody wins with this thoughtful gift!

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