Thursday, October 07, 2010

News from Malawi

September is the beginning of the growing season in Malawi. AAA Victoria sends funds to our AAA Malawi group at this time of the year so they can begin preparations for delivering seeds and fertilizer to those in need.

We have had two phone conversations with Delirah Phiri in September to talk about the project.

In 2009/2010 95 families were supported with seeds and fertilizer. The rains were good and the harvest provided enough food to carry a family of 6 through the year.

Food support continues for 21 HIV positive individuals. Delirah reports, "The beneficiaries under nutritional support are all alive and well. Some are even getting stronger, their immunity improving, and weight increasing. This is possible because of ARV's and the nutritional support they are being given."

Student support: 31 students (many orphanned by AIDS ) were supported. 11 of them wrote final exams.

Delirah said, " Expenses are covered for two Extension Workers who help us in teaching the farmers how to apply modern technology in order to improve their harvest. They also work hand in hand with communities so it is easier for us to know more about the beneficiaries."

The plan for 2010/2011 is to help 80 farm families, the ongoing 21 HIV positive persons and 30 students.

Delirah, Gilda, Teddy and Vincent consider the current costs of fertilizer and seeds when making decisions on how to use AAA Victoria funding. These four work as volunteers. AAA covers their transport and office costs but they donate all their own time working around job and familycommitments.

For 2010/2011 AAA has forwarded $13,000 to Malawi. These funds will benefit 540 individuals (based on 6 per farm family) at the average cost of of $20 per person.

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