Thursday, February 11, 2010

Notes from Malawi

Peggy Frank of Victoria's Positively Africa visited with Teddy and Delirah in January. We are looking forward to hearing from Peggy when she returns.

The following note is from Delirah Phiri, one of the coordinators of the Malawi Project, one of the projects that AAA Victoria provides funding for (for farm inputs, school fees and nutritional support for Aids affected persons).

"We had a nice time with Peggy. Although her stay in Mzuzu was cut short we managed to show her some of our beneficiaries and what they do. This year we have helped ninety five people with farm inputs instead of fifty because the price of fertilizer came down, but when schools opened for this year we were told that fees has gone up. The results for our beneficiaries who sat for their final year are out. We are happy to let you know that most of them have done well. On nutritional support all our twenty-one beneficiaries are well. From the farm input group two people passed away due to old age. We are having good rains here in Mzuzu. We hope for good yield. We applied for a ground phoneline to help sort out our communication. Teddy is doing well, Vincent and Gilda are fine. More next time. Delirah"

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