Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Report from Powell River BC

The Powell River Aids Angel Group surpassed their wildest expectations for Aids Angels sales in 2009. We thought the perhaps the small market had been saturated from sales over the last 6 years. But we were thrilled when we could not keep up with demand.

Each fall we start making the dolls and when we had made 100 dolls, we thought our work was done. Then a couple of members with "Angel Fever" went over and above the call of duty. One member, an elementary school teacher, made over $200 as she sold Angels to all the school staffs in town. Another teacher worked with a group of her Kindergarten moms to make 40 dolls. The dolls were sold at their school's Christmas Concert.

The highlight of the Aids Angels-making season for me was watching the Grade 7 boys and girls at my school intently making angels. They were not satisfied with making one doll, they wanted to make more! I had preceded the angel making session with a short presentation on the topic of AIDS in Africa. (If you are considering doing something like this, YouTube has some excellent videos produced by the Stephen Lewis Foundation.)

You might be wondering how much money we raised this year. Our grand total was $1338.00! Thank you to all who helped!

Elizabeth Brach, Powell River

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