Friday, November 20, 2009


Here is a rare opportunity. We don't usually ask for fabric but now we are in need.

We have had a busy season and our supplies of suitable patterned fabrics is running low. If you think you have something suitable please go through the check list below.

It is really helpful if you assist in sorting the material before we get it. Remember, our volunteers will be handling these materials in their own homes and space is limited.

Fabric Check List for Angels
  • brightly coloured
  • patterned
  • ethnic look preferred
  • real African fabric always needed
  • many quilting fabrics are excellent, batik look, Bali patterns
  • non-fraying (cut an edge and try to fray it)
  • maximum amount: 1 yard of each piece
Please: no clothing, no lace

If you have something suitable or have friends who would be interested in donating, contact for delivery directions.

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