Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hair-raising Problems

One of our very active angel-making groups has reported that hair has been coming off the heads of angels. This is happening both with hair affixed with glue sticks and tacky glue.
It is possible that this problem might be due to the kind of paint used to colour the beads.
Another possibility is that the glossy finish on recent shipments of heads is the cause.

We have acquired better quality paint in the hope this problem will be resolved.
As hundreds of heads are already distributed, we have a couple of suggestions:
1. Greater use of turbans on bald heads. Angels with turbans do appeal strongly to our donors.
2. Before putting on glue, use some sandpaper and slightly roughen the area on the head where the hair will be attached. This will give a better surface for the glue to stick.
From the bodies that have been returned to Vic and Lorraine with hair, and the completed angels coming in, this does not seem to be a widespread problem, however we want to maximize the quality of the angels that go out to the public.

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