Sunday, July 12, 2009

Angel Quality Control

Tips for doing quality control checks on angels:
When gluing heads to bodies, ensure that there is enough glue to make a small lip of glue around the neck.
The robe is firmly attached at the neck and all adornments are well attached, without visible glue.
Wings are firmly attached and symmetrical. (Not too large, remember, the angels need to share space on a spinner!)
The robe seam is at the back and the body peg is completely covered, both around the neck, and 1-2" below the bottom of the peg.
All edges are nonfray, cut with pinking shears.
The name-tag is firmly hanging, aprox. 2-3" from the wire, with a neat looking piece of raffia.
Hold the angel upright and give it a little shake to ensure it will still look good when it has been handled a few times and is on a spinner.
Refer to the quality control suggestions under "sharing ideas" on the web-site.

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