Sunday, April 19, 2009

Container arrives in Makeni - Zambia

Hello to all who donated items for Makeni orphanage (Zambia), sent by container last year. This is an extract of an e-mail received from staff at Makeni:

"Just to let you know the good news that the boxes, via Namunyanga, have arrived safely! It was an awesome effort, and I want you to know how grateful we are.

Our very sincere thanks to you, all that packing and sealing of boxes, not to mention the collecting of the goods. Please will you give a tremendous thank you to yourself and to everyone else involved.

Today Tina (Lily's daughter, who is in charge of stock-taking) started opening boxes, with someone from accounts, and making a list, and tomorrow afternoon, I will be able to go and get get sheets for the boys, who I am told do not have any, and also a second sheet for each of the girls. They have usually got one sheet, but have never had the luxury of two.

At present we have 26 towels among the 36 children, so there has been a certain amount of sharing, and a real dirth on washday, if the weather has not been favourable and the towels have not dried before bath time.

Now we will be able to give each child two towels, and I will be rushing to town to buy a laundry pencil, so that we can put their names on them. We also have a functioning hot water cylinder these days, so bathing and keeping clean will be much more of a pleasure for the children, thanks to our donors.

Thanks again for a thoughtful job well done!

Much love from the staff and children, who say thanks too!

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