Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Teddy Phiri

Teddy and Delilah Phiri, Gilda and Vincent Munthali are the Malawiians who carry out the work of African Angels Association in the Mzuzu area of Northern Malawi. This group works tirelessly as volunteers to provide support for 190 individuals who are affected by Aids as widows, orphans, or are infected with the disease. Funds are provided by African Aids Angels based in Victoria. B.C.

We have been saddened by the news that Teddy has suffered a stroke about 4 weeks ago.

His wife, Delilah, sent a brief email last week,

"Teddy is recovering from the stroke he suffered. His right side is paralyzed and his speech and memory are also affected."

This morning, March 26th, we received the following email from Jean Sauti Phiri who travelled to Victoria with Teddy in 2005.

"I was with Teddy and Delilah yesterday. Teddy is now able to walk, though with some difficulties, but there is tremendous improvement. He used to be supported or even had to be carried a few weeks ago but now he can do without any support. One hand is still paralyzed.

Delilah says they have support from the university and from friends. His face could also tell that he is getting better. We were able to crack some jokes and he could show that beautiful smile again. ..he has some little problems speaking, he wishes to say something but in the process he forgets what to say. ....the doctors say he will soon regain his memory.

The good news is that there is great improvement and we hope to have Teddy, the laugher, back to himself.

Delilah expressed gratitude towards your love, concerns and prayers.

Lots of love and big hugs,


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