Thursday, February 05, 2009

Angels 2009

Angel Changes

The Angel Board is exploring ways to spread the workload and share the responsibilities of creating and displaying African Aids Angels.

We'll be posting these changes over the next few weeks so keep watching for the details.

Here are a few:

Pick up Points for Angel Bodies

There will be two pick up points:

at the homes of Vic Parsons and at Mary Bomford.

Send a note to to say you how many bodies you need.

We'll let you know where to pick them up. They can be left at the door so pick up times are flexible.

Bodies come packaged in 10's or 20's complete with tags, glue gun glue and raffia.

Fabric, Bling, Ribbons etc.

Mary will continue to store these materials. Gail assist in sorting and maintaining the collection.

You can make an appointment to come to the angel "free store" and collect materials for yourself or your group during the second week of each month.

Please plan ahead. Mary needs to be at home for these pick ups.

Angel Independence

Many groups are taking almost complete charge of their operation.

They collect their own fabric and bling with occasional support from the central supply.

The next step will be to find volunteers within your group who can begin to take responsibility for putting hair on the group's angels. Currently there is a very heavy load on 3 volunteers who do most of the angel hairdressing. We appreciate those volunteers who already do their own hair.

Angel Bodies

We will continue to supply bodies that are sanded, painted and glued. We are always in need of volunteers to glue bodies together.

Straight scissors and Pinking Shears

Gail and Erin, two board members, are working hard to find sources of donated shears and scissors.

Pinking shears are very expensive and we don't expect members to buy them. However, they are key to cutting fabric. We will let you know as they become available. Please let people know we are need of good quality second hand pinking shears.

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