Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Angel-makers Out-of-town

Powell River BC

Liz writes :"Despite family commitments I was able to make up some dolls with fellow staff members at my school, and with the Grade 7 class. The kids in the class really enjoyed the project and helped to offer their dolls at the school's Christmas concert. Some of the dolls were also offered at a local craft fair by a friend, and at Paperworks Gift Gallery in Powell River.
Thanks for the support you provide through the website. The blog is a great idea."

Campbell River

Jane sent a note from Carihi Secondary School in Campbell River: "Please find enclosed a cheque for AIDS angels that our Peer Support class made. These angels were then exchanged for donations with family, staff, and friends, and again at a recent school band concert. Our Peer Support Class is very pleased to offer our support to this worthwhile cause."


Susan writes: "I enclosing two donations. The first comes from angels picked up by staff at Charles Dickens Elementary School, made by a group in Vancouver. The second comes from two classes of grade 3 to 5 students. The students each made a cone angel and made a donation. They kept the angels for themselves or family or friend. We received help from a group in Vancouver so thanks to Marjorie, Leona, Pearl, Gladys and Miki for sharing their expertise. We were so proud of the students for their efforts to donate and also their thought and care in creating their angels."

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