Thursday, November 27, 2008

Letter from the Outreach program

We received a letter from Sister Evarista in South Africa. She is in charge of the Outreach program at Assisi. (She is also the cousin of Nobel Peace Prize winner Albert Luthuli). African AIDS Angels donated $2000 to their community Outreach program in 2007, in addition to funds for the Thembalethu orphanage. She refers to people that our volunteers Vic and Lorraine met when they worked with Sister Evarista last summer.

"Thank you very much for the donation ($2000). We buy food parcels with your money and feed our orphans and sick people...some of those you know have died. Mr. Shibe Petry (the one with a stroke whom we helped get a pension and wheelchair) died in October. His sister is again coming for food because she was dependent upon his pension...the situation in Africa is not good. Food is very expensive. When we buy food parcels it is never enough for these sick people and so many orphans. Thank you very much for your help. May God bless you all and your people there."

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