Friday, January 04, 2008

How Can I get Involved?

New Members

Our volunteers are taking a short break in January. If you are new and want to get involved with Aids Angels here are things to do until the next angel making session.

Read through our website and blog (check back through the archives). This will give you a good idea of our history and the purpose of our organization.

You can start collecting materials that can be used to make angels

*double wired ribbon (for wings),

*bits of old jewelry (rings, brooches and earrings are best),

*African or ethnic looking fabric. At the moment we have lots of cotton prints.


If you are outside the Victoria, B.C. area ask for the email manual “Making a Difference” and begin to plan.

Anyone who wants to be on our email contact list can send an email to We will include you on our contact list and send you brief email message when there is new information on the blog. ( every 2-3 weeks.)

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