Friday, December 14, 2007

Inspiration for Angel Makers

Song for Nkosi

Simon Fraser Elementary School Peace Choir’s favourite song was written by their Choir Master, Marisa Orth-Pallavicini and her fellow songwriter, Pat Davit. It is called "For Nkosi", and is dedicated to Nkosi Johnson, an 11-year-old South African, who addressed the 13th International Aids Conference in Durban in 2000.

His entreaty to everyone is featured in the song:

"Do all that you can,

with all that you have,

in the time that you have,

in the place where you are."

This link will give you more information about Nkosi. Note the connection between his story and the comments that Vic writes (below) about the ARV program at St. Mary's hopsital.

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