Sunday, April 08, 2007

Malawi Youth Agricultural Training Program

More notes from Teddy Phiri, describing the field day for youth who are learning how to become market gardeners.

55 men and women attended the show. They were 2 senior traditional chiefs, 3 senior chiefs, 1 teacher from nearby primary school, 1 veterinary field officer and 1 agriculture field officer (trainer). They had come from several villages surrounding Lusangazi demonstration garden.

The field day was organized to show the parents and the general public what the youth in the area had learned through training and the Demonstration.

Lottie Chirwa, leader of the youth group in Lusangazi area, gave brief history of the group. 10 boys and 2 girls were selected. The Agriculture Field Officer trained the group for 14 days in modern methods of farming, farm management and leadership skills. A demonstration field was chosen to demonstrate what they had learned. They planted a number of vegetables such as cabbage, carrots, tomatoes etc. A quarter of an acre of corn was also planted using the easiest and cheapest method.