Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Message from Christine Allan in Zambia

I just received this news from Makeni Ecumenical Centre. I have their 2007 orphanage budget now, which I can present at the next committee meeting for the board.


Sent: Tuesday, December 05, 2006 12:22 AM
Subject: The 2007 Budget

Dear Pierre,
I am sending the 2007 budget, I hope that it will go through this time. The Bookkeepers say that it is only in early January that they will know whether the 2006 budget was met.
I am including some points that may assist in your presentation or write-up or discussions or for your information only:
Christopher, one of our youngest children, is going to Grade one next year. He is very excited about it. The thought of wearing a new uniform!
We have two new aunties, aunty Violet and aunty Christine. They have replaced aunty Grace and aunty Mary who left during the year.
The surroundings and grounds of the orphanage have improved greatly due to the hard work of Morgan Kayuni, the maintenance worker.
Bertha, the eldest girl now in Grade 12 at Katondwe Girls Boarding School, is having problems in Mathematics and Physics. Ted Krickan is coaching her in the two subjects while he is with us.
The Orphanage Girls Church Choir sang at a Candle Lighting Service on Saturday 2nd December. This was in remembrance of Worlds AIDS day that falls on 1st December. This a yearly event where churches from different denominations within Makeni area meet to commemorate World AIDS Day.
Best wishes,

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